Customer Participation Officer - Samantha Hough

What is your role with Langstane?

Customer Participation Officer.

What are the key parts of your role?

Engaging tenants in tenant involvement activities. These include consultations, scrutiny, digital inclusion, focus groups and making sure our publications i.e. Annual Performance Report, are easy and clear to read. I also work with tenants on projects such as mystery shopping and getting involved in neighbourhood tenant groups. All with the aim of working with tenants and staff to continuously improve services and give tenants a voice.

What is it that you love about your role?

The people I work with. 

They make the job what it is and I work alongside both tenants and colleagues all with the aim of making a difference to peoples lives.  I enjoy meeting tenants, residents and staff from local and national landlords in various settings which is exciting as we’re all constantly learning from each other about new ways of engaging tenants.

What is your top career tip?

Do it! If you are looking for a varied role and love meeting people in a variety of locations i.e. external meetings, conferences and using digital platforms, then tenant participation is for you. 

Samantha Hough

Anything else you'd like to share?

If you were to get involved in Tenant participation you would not be disapointed – you will be blown away by the passion from both staff and tenants.  It’s truly awe inspiring!