Ayesha Reid - Governance & Corporate Manager

    What is your role with Langstane?

    The Governance & Corporate Manager.

    The main purpose of my role is to make sure the Association meets all statutory and legal governance requirements. Social Housing is a heavily regulated sector and for good reason. We receive public money in the form of grants that helps us build homes, and also look after some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. It is very important that we run an efficient and accountable organisation that gets best value across all our activities. 

    What are the key parts of your role?

    I’m involved in risk management, internal audit and assurance activities. In addition I am the Data Protection Officer for Langstane, and also am responsible for delivering our obligations under Freedom of Information Law. I oversee the complaints handling procedure for the Association, and coordinate delivery of our annual statistical return on the Social Housing Charter. The associated Annual and Charter performance report is also within my remit, as well as other corporate duties related to running our head office. 

    What is it that you love about your role?

    The sheer variety of the role is such a challenge. Working in housing is fast-paced in terms of changes coming through via new housing policy, alterations to best practice, and our own internal improvement activity. You have to be organised and be able to adapt plans to meet changing demands, which suits me very well. I work with a wide range of colleagues across all levels of the Association, which is great because I enjoy being part of a team and achieving shared goals is very rewarding.

    What is your top career tip?

    Always be open to new challenges. I started working at Langstane in 1997 as an area Housing Officer. I loved working with tenants and delivering front line services, and still miss that at times. However, I went on to experience several other roles, being team leader in the rent team, working as a policy officer, having managerial responsibility for tenant participation, website and social media, and delivering our publications amongst many other things. I am part of the Management Team, and have gathered a breadth of experience along the way. My current role is another step into a new area for me. I’m grateful that I’ve had so many opportunities to take on fresh challenges and keep learning and developing my career over the years. 

    Ash Reid Job Profile

    Anything else you'd like to share?

    Working in the social housing sector was my goal when studying for my degree in Human Geography. Housing is fundamental to feeling safe and secure, and being able to build a successful and settled life. It means a lot to me to be part of an organisation that adds real value to our communities. Now that I work slightly back from the front line, I never lose sight of the fact that our core purpose is making sure we provide safe, affordable, good quality and affordable housing. I’m proud to be part of the work we do.